Top 10 ways to maintaining weight loss 4

Most people think that it is a hard task to maintaining weight loss an even some think that there is no rocket science which needed to apply for maintenance of weight loss or restricted rules required but there is only need to eliminate entire food groups which will automatically cut out someone calories. On the other hand, it is hard to remain stick on rules and when someone stops rules, he/she regain the lost weight.

Keep an eye on Diet proportion:

Diet should be divided into small proportion according to the intake of calories, and categories of foods like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins should also remain in fixed proportion according to the diet plan.

Eat consciously:

The symptoms of eating unintentionally express in three ways: physically, intellectually and emotionally. The physical signs of insensible eating are easily sufficient to perceive – overweight being by far the most observable and common. Willingness and awareness are much important for health. When someone conscious about weight loss because when and how much one should eat pays much attention to eating mindfully. This approach will help someone to eat less overall in this way he/she will enjoy food more.

Chew well by eating slowly:

Brain activity also involved in during food chewing this allows more time for signals to reach brain almost 20 min, so by slow eating, someone feels more full and eats less. Additional things which are also important are smell, taste, and texture of the foods, these can be sensed by slow eating also greater satisfaction with fewer calories.

Never trust on willpower:

Whenever someone visited a house or in office break see a lot of dishes in a cafe or bakery and in this manner one never control himself on eating different things in irregular routine or manner leads towards overeating. A particular food diet plan and routine will be disturb and maintenance of weight which may affect your body health.Top 10 ways to maintaining weight loss

Identify emotional triggers that lead overeat:

Emotional triggers like stressed, depressed, upset, angry, lonely, happy and even excited will lead to emotional eating. One should know about the distinction between real hunger and emotional eating. If someone eats for other reasons than hunger, then maintenance of weight will be difficult in such a routine.

Avoid low energy dense foods:

When someone takes foods which are low in energy that have fewer calories related to their weight and volume according to body physic in this way maintenance of weight loss will not be fulfilled. One should eat foods with high water and high fiber content for example fruits, vegetables, and cooked whole grain.Top 10 ways to maintaining weight loss

An appropriate portion of protein:

Protein in diet much beneficial and necessary for health because it helps limit muscle loss during weight loss. someone know about the sources of protein like beans, white meat poultry, and low fat also included. Distribution of protein throughout the body also important because it helps in weight loss.

Never skip meal eat regularly:

Some people have a habit of late eating and spend a lot of time doing business work or routine matters. They not pays attention to eat on time. You should know about a meal-timing pattern which will be helpful in maintaining weight loss and diet should be on healthful low calories snacks.

Often should cook at home:

This allows to eat more whole food like vegetables, meat, fish, and cereals and control of oil, sugar and also high-calories ingredients will also be replaced by own choice. Due clean, good and fresh products lead towards maintaining weight in a proper manner.Top 10 ways to maintaining weight loss

One should maintain a food diary:

In order to lose weight and for maintenance of weight loss a food diary plays important role in one’s life. Because it maintains the habits that may be contributing to weight loss. The proper schedule of food also remain in touch and advance planning of things which maintains a healthy diet.



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